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Platform Updates

APA Style CENTRAL is updated periodically. Updates are tracked here and announcements are made on Twitter.

  • Made accessibility updates to the reference forms, site help, and Research Lab Book. The Writing Center is now fully accessible.
  • Converted all Publication Manual and APA Style Guide to Electronic References files from PDF to EPUB format for greater accessibility and usability.
  • Made additional bug fixes and improvements.
  • Made accessibility updates to the login pages, Writing Center, and Publishing Center (including improvements to color contrast, screen reader text, keyboard accessibility, form validation, and heading structure).
  • Replaced the sample paper, sample table, and sample figure PDFs in the Learning Center with accessible versions of these PDFs.
  • Made additional bug fixes and improvements.
  • Improved the Spell-Check feature and added a Check as I Write feature
  • Added the ability to save quotations with references and to cite quotations in APA Style in papers
  • Added the ability to add citations in table bodies, table notes, figure captions, and abstracts
  • Changed the workflow for creating and editing appendices to be consistent with that of tables and figures
  • Updated the Learn Center so that search results highlight the best source of answers to the search query (e.g., in a tutorial, in the text of the linked section of the Publication Manual, or both)
  • Usability and accessibility changes (e.g., color contrast changes, alt text added to images)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Added a meta-analysis paper template
  • Added the ability to easily cite personal communications
  • Added the ability to import a table from a Microsoft Word file
  • Added the ability to adjust fonts, line spacing, and page layout
  • Added a "Verify Information" side pane to assist users with correcting APA Style problems in tables and references
  • Made additional bug fixes and improvements
  • Added reference export options: allows RIS and text file downloads as well as support for exporting to RefWorks, EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero
  • Added additional help videos
  • Made additional bug fixes and improvements
  • Added the ability to view and assign tutorials in the Learning Center by individual sections
  • Made it easier to cite the reference books provided in the Research Center
  • Made improvements to Advanced Search options and availability
  • Made improvements to the RIS import options
  • Added the ability to sort references by reference type (e.g., journal article, chapter in an edited book, web page)
  • Made it easier to update figures
  • Made additional bug fixes and improvements
  • Made journal access models searchable and browsable in the Publishing Center
  • Made transcripts for quick guides and tutorials available for download (as PDFs) in the Learn Center
  • Added the ability to include notes in References; users can add or edit notes anywhere a reference may appear (e.g., in My References, in a paper's reference list)
  • Added a field for abstracts or a summary/description in References
  • Added the ability to import References (via RIS files) from EBSCOhost, OvidSP, and ProQuest
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added new sample references to the Learn Center
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added help videos for a number of topics in the Write Center
  • Fixed bugs


Please email any questions or comments to APA Style CENTRAL Support.