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An award-winning, online writing solution designed to support educators and students in the teaching and mastery of APA Style®

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Well-known for its authoritative and easy-to-use writing tools, APA Style CENTRAL® is an institutional resource developed to help students establish optimal research and writing skills across multiple academic disciplines.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports Core Academic Research & Writing Skills
    Research and writing are core elements of the academic experience, yet new students arrive unprepared for the rigors of academic writing. APA Style CENTRAL provides learning and instructional material not just for the usage of APA Style, but for all stages of the academic writing process.
  • Offers a Campuswide Solution
    As an institutional solution, APA Style CENTRAL is used in classrooms, libraries, writing centers, and other educational and research settings. As a 24/7 cloud-based resource offering a broad array of tools for students at all levels, it enhances the learning experience for students within an institution whenever they need it.
  • A Powerful Instructional Tool
    Educators have the option to embed learning objects into course websites or Learning Management Systems (LMS), assign and administer tests, and use APA Style CENTRAL to answer questions or provide guidance in real-time as students write their papers. Anyone who provides instruction in APA Style can access a comprehensive and authoritative source of teaching materials with APA Style CENTRAL.
  • A Multidisciplinary Application
    APA Style CENTRAL serves the scholarly writing and research needs of the entire institution. Usage will cross departmental boundaries — not just in the behavioral sciences but in all of the disciplines that use APA Style, including nursing, education, business, and many more.
  • Increases the Competitiveness of Your Institution
    Investment in resources that improve academic outcomes is one way administrators can work to improve the performance and prestige of their institution. Because academic success in many fields is heavily focused on research and writing, APA Style CENTRAL can have a profound impact.
  • Enhances Your Institution's Academic Reputation
    The research and writing tools in APA Style CENTRAL will help faculty researchers translate their research into publishable form, and the tools in the Publishing Center will make it easier for them to find appropriate outlets for publication.
  • Facilitates Online and Blended Learning
    The web accessibility of APA Style CENTRAL offers administrators an important new resource that is ideally suited to distance learning and flipped classroom teaching models.
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