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APA Style CENTRAL® is produced by the American Psychological Association, the creator of and authority on APA Style.

It is the only end-to-end solution designed to support students in the mastery and use of APA Style while also guiding them through the research and writing processes. It provides all the tools necessary to create properly formatted references and papers.

Features & Benefits

APA Style CENTRAL focuses on the application and proper use of APA Style, the leading writing style for the behavioral sciences and many other disciplines. It serves students who are new to academic writing and APA Style, as well as those who are more advanced in their academic careers but need to reinforce their understanding of APA Style rules.

  • Everything You Need All in One Easy-to-Navigate Online Space
    The four functional centers (Learning, Writing, Research, and Publishing) that make up APA Style CENTRAL offer students a single environment for interactive learning and engagement, assistance with research projects, a state-of-the-art writing application, reference creation and management, guidance on publication, and much more.
  • Take the Mystery Out of APA Style
    For students who are new to APA Style, or those who need a refresher, APA Style CENTRAL provides Quick Guides, tutorials, and self-quizzes, as well as samples of complete papers, references, tables, figures, and more.
  • Compose Research Papers With Confidence
    Write your paper in a state-of-the-art authoring tool that offers eight preformatted templates, ensuring that all of the required elements of APA Style are included and properly formatted.
  • Accurately Create and Manage APA Style Formatted References
    Take advantage of more than 80 expertly created forms to guide the creation of the different types of APA Style references. In addition, quickly search millions of preformatted citations that have been adopted from the APA PsycINFO® database. Use these for reference validation and downloading directly into your personal reference library.
  • Help With Research Projects
    The Research Center features four unique research tools that will help you develop, plan, and track your research; describe tests and measures; and track the flow of research participants.
  • Collaborate With Your Colleagues
    The collaboration feature makes it easy to work with others on the development of a paper. Members of a research group or team can be assigned specific sections, followed by seamless coordination of everyone's contributions into the final product.

Video Tour for Students

Join us for a quick tour and see how APA Style CENTRAL can help you to master APA Style.


Contact your library for more information on how your institution can benefit from a subscription to APA Style CENTRAL.

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