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APA Style CENTRAL® is the only institutionally focused, authoritative, end-to-end solution designed specifically to facilitate a mastery of APA Style.

It provides the tools and instructional means necessary to create properly formatted citations and papers while also supporting learning throughout all stages of the research and scholarly writing processes, from idea generation to publication.

Features & Benefits

  • A Digital Media Library for Learning and Instruction
    For libraries and writing centers that provide direct student instruction in APA Style, APA Style CENTRAL provides a comprehensive, reliable, and authoritative suite of learning and instructional resources, including tutorial videos; tests and self-quizzes; more than 175 sample references; and a wealth of sample papers, figures, and tables — all demonstrating correct usage of APA Style.
  • Centralized Access for Instructors
    Instructors seeking library assistance with compiling instructional materials for APA Style can be directed to the Learning and Research Centers in APA Style CENTRAL, where they can find everything they need in one location, all with LMS integration. No longer will they have to cobble together materials from multiple sources.
  • A Trusted 24/7 Resource for Students
    APA Style CENTRAL provides librarians and writing center staff with a single authoritative resource to direct students to for help with writing and formatting papers in APA Style. Content from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition is integrated throughout, making it easy for students to find the answers to common questions about APA Style.
  • An Authoritative Resource for Undergraduate Instruction
    For students being exposed to APA Style for the first time, the Tutorials and Quick Guides found in APA Style CENTRAL are the ideal introduction. Students can be referred to APA Style CENTRAL with full confidence that the answers they find there will be correct and up-to-date, because the content comes directly from APA, the originator of APA Style.
  • A Helpful Reference Library
    An electronic library of 17 APA-published reference books on topics such as research methodology and statistics, as well as the APA Dictionary of Statistics and Research Methods and the APA Dictionary of Psychology, are included.
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