For Researchers & Instructors
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APA Style CENTRAL® is the only official source and authoritative end-to-end solution for instruction about, mastery, and practical application of APA Style.

Developed by the creator of APA Style, it combines sophisticated learning objects and assessment tools with state-of-the-art writing and content management technology to support all stages of the research and scholarly writing processes.

Features & Benefits

APA Style CENTRAL provides components for researchers who are actively publishing, as well as learning and assessment resources for instructors.

For Researchers

  • Unique Research Planning Tools
    The Research Center features a set of integrated tools that will help researchers to develop, plan, and track their research; describe their tests and measures; and track the flow of research study participants.
  • A Quality Library of Electronic Research Publications
    Access a collection of 17 APA-published reference books covering quantitative and qualitative research methods, including the APA Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology. Also included are the APA Dictionary of Psychology and the APA Dictionary of Statistics and Research Methods.
  • Collaborate With Colleagues
    Collaborate with coauthors at other subscribing institutions using collaboration tools included in the state-of-the-art Writing Center.
  • Assistance With Publication
    Authors can use the tools available in the Publishing Center to discover the best outlets for article submission.

For Instructors

  • Authoritative Suite of Expert Instructional Resources
    For anyone providing instruction about APA Style to students who may have little or no prior exposure to APA Style, the research process, or the rigors of academic writing, APA Style CENTRAL is a comprehensive, reliable, and authoritative suite of learning and instructional resources.
  • Integration With Learning Management Systems
    APA Style CENTRAL can be integrated with an institution's learning management system, enabling instructors to assign expertly created learning objects — including quick guides, tutorials, self-quizzes, tests, and sample materials — and to incorporate these directly into the classroom setting.
  • Collaborative Feedback
    Work with students in the collaborative environment to monitor their progress and provide timely feedback at any stage during the writing process.
  • Spend Less Time Correcting Errors and More on Content Assessment
    Professors who assign writing projects that require formatting in APA Style will have confidence that students who use the available tools and compose their papers within APA Style CENTRAL will conform to APA Style rules and that their references and citations will be correctly formatted.

Video Tour for Instructors

Join us for a quick tour and see how APA Style CENTRAL can help those providing instruction on APA Style.


Contact your library for more information on how your institution can benefit from a subscription to APA Style CENTRAL.

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